Data Entry

ABS provides all kinds of Data Entry services and we are very proud of the quality, accuracy and professionalism of our service. Our objective is to convert large amount of data from hard copies to soft copies, documenting, collecting information from customers and vendors to reduce the time consumption. At present globally businesses are fast paced and in constant change. In such condition access to accurate and detailed information is of most importance. ABS ensures the data entry work with high accuracy, fast execution and complete confidence from theft of data and provides different data entry needs in a proficient and professional manner. Some of the forms of data entry we specialize in are:
  • Data entry from product catalogs to web based systems
  • Online data capture services

Data entry from product catalogs

We transform printed catalogs into online catalogs. We convert all the relevant information and enter them into a database. Converting product catalogs to online and digital catalogs, making changes, and updating product catalog helps in Catalog management. Making an online catalog also ensures anytime, anywhere access. Online catalogs are also more easily searchable and help instant recovery and ensure high quality with excellent accuracy.
  • Gathering data from different websites and entering it into an excel spreadsheet.
  • Searching the web and creating all the lists of targeted websites.
  • Gathering precise and updated information about competitors’ pricing.
  • Other Customize requirements related to above.